"A good coach will make people see what they can be, rather than what they are."


Coaching is a consulting field in which I coach teamleader and middle management levels in the development of their leadership performance.

In transformation processes and change projects in particular, operational managers are confronted with difficult management situations that they often cannot solve with their existing institutional management tools (patterns).

The consequences are often:

  • Conflicts with employees and teams.
  • Loss of motivation and performance of employees and teams.
  • Lack of acceptance of important methods and tools in the lean management system
  • Stagnation of the motivation to implement in change processes.
  • Loss of acceptance by the manager on various levels.
  • Burn out of managers.
  • Loss of leadership.

My coaching approach is based on the idea of ​​"helping people to help themselves" and focuses on the coachee and his field of development. Through targeted questions and reflections on various and difficult management situations from everyday life or change processes

  • the situation is processed together
  • existing patterns becomes visible
  • unsuccessful change attempts are analyzed
  • and alternative courses of action are developed.

In the subsequent units, the implementations are reflected and honed.


  • The manager has expanded leadership and action skills.
  • The manager is able to resolve difficult situations without conflict.
  • Motivation and performance are increased through leadership behavior.
  • The manager is accepted by employees, teams and superiors.
  • Downtimes and resignations of managers are reduced.