Workshop design and moderation

A form of work that delivers fast, high-quality and sustainable results through a targeted design.

A workshop should deliver more than highlighting existing knowledge and administrate it into an action plan.

Well designed and facilitated workshops provide new perspectives and solutions that will enable significant improvement and changes at the end of the process.

This form of work promotes the understanding of the target, the high degree of participation increases the acceptance of the solutions found. This significantly increases the implementation speed.

The implementation usually takes place after the workshop, I routinely accompany here as a coach and support both the participants in the implementation as well as the project managers with my expertise and resource.

In my workshops, I use creativity techniques that, on the one hand, pursue the goal of going beyond the boundaries of knowledge and nevertheless generate the highest acceptance of the solutions found. I would be happy to design and moderate these workshops for you on various occasions.

Fields of application of this form of workshop design is very broad.

My focus is on:

  • Strategy workshops
  • Technical processes of production and engineering
  • Problem-solving projects
  • Design of transformation processes

Areas of application:

Project kick off meetings,  policy deployment workshops, obeya engineering, last planner method, shopfloor management implementation, A3/ kaizen workshops, 3p - production preparations process Workshops, value stream method with focus on production and administration, transformations workshops, fmea`s, design to build ….

Your Benefit:

Professional moderation delivers excellent results

  • Defined action plan
  • Provides high implementation speed of the measures
  • Quick results
  • High knowledge transfer within your team
  • Neutrality of the moderator ensures the process quality


1 -5 days

Often with subsequent implementation coaching.