oth concept about shopfloor management are transfered into a full practical training.

The training for shopfloor management are ready now and available in our academy!

  • Basics about shopfloor management
  • How to implement shopfloor management (card board engineering)
  • How to improve and develop an existing shopfloor management system
  • How to integrate team kaizen

Now you can choose between a theoretical training  only or a training & workshop.

Shopfloor management is a major tool and support fully the idea and further development of the problem solving culture in your company.

Your benefit:

  • structured problem solving skills are improved.
  • problems are solved quickly and sustainable.
  • High savings due to shortes reaktion time.

In 2008, when I implemented the first time shopfloor management in a company, I learned, that the mandatory success factor for a positiv usage of shopfloor management is peoples understanding of their own contribution to the overall strategy and how they can measure and influence it. This is something you can not learn in a classroom, to drive shopfloor management implementation and run it while it is in production you need professionel coaching skills.

For more information and a training and workshop on site please send me your inquirie.